At Estevez Foodtown we strive to be an integral part of the communities we serve - to be considered to be a good neighbor.  A place where moms chat in the aisles and teachers catch up with past students.  Where a dad heads over to talk about last night's game with the kid behind the delicatessen counter.  We look for ways to be a direct supporter of local churches, block parties, charities, and girl scouts.  To contribute is not just a business model but also an essential part of who Estevez Foodtown is.  Our goal is to be of service to our community while supporting, growing, and inspiring the wonderful leaders that make up our team.

Lessons from Behind the Counter: The Principles a Business Family Uses to Empower Future Generations

Lessons From Behind the Counter is both a memoir and an inspirational business leadership guide capturing the journey of the Estevez family and their passionate pursuit of the American Dream.

In his debut book, Robin Estevez, a first-generation Dominican-American, vividly shares memories of working alongside his immigrant father who taught him and his siblings important life lessons about business, family, and community.

"…I grew up in my father’s supermarket. In the aisles, between and behind the displays, pushing a broom, at the cash register, making deliveries… seeing all the different neighbors coming in shopping, saying “hello,” while patting me on the head…"

Spanning three generations and two continents, from rural farms in the Dominican Republic to neighborhood streets of Washington Heights, this book creatively illustrates the intersection of Dominican heritage and American cultural identity that creates a distinct family legacy.


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