You Shop, We Give

giving_promoWe are grateful for your commitment to helping out our community & have made it EASIER for you to show your support. Your favorite school, non-profit, team, or place of worship can participate & EARN greater donations from Foodtown. An organization with 100 supporting families can potentially earn THOUSANDS annually.

Here’s how it works: YOU SHOP, WE GIVE. Just ask your fundraising coordinator to sign up online at using your organization’s 501(c)(3) IRS Form so that it can begin receiving FUNDS ON A MONTHLY BASIS. Once your group is registered, LINK your club card & we’ll keep track of all your members’ spending. Your purchases create AUTOMATIC contributions of up to 3% each month to your ORGANIZATION OF CHOICE.

Some of the BENEFITS of our YOU SHOP, WE GIVE Program are:

  • Increased contributions
  • Increased participation from families
  • Reduced costs
  • Freeing up volunteer time from fundraising events like bake sales & car washes
  • Online reports for administrators & supporters

Don’t forget all these benefits are on top of getting a DEPOSIT made every month into your group’s bank account. Now here is a TIP I want to share with you to get the maximum amount of money sent. ALWAYS USE YOUR FOODTOWN CLUB CARD EVERY TIME YOU SHOP & you’ll be guaranteed to get the most out of our YOU SHOP, WE GIVE Program. Remember all you have to do is sign up at or call 866-884-6892 to get signed up. (Let your teacher, pastor &/or coach know to register your group, link your Foodtown club card, & we’ll send funds every month!)

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